Finish Year 12
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Finish Year 12

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Finishing Year 12 increases your chances of going on to further study or finding the right job for you.

If secondary school doesn't suit you, then doing your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at a TAFE or other training provider, including a Learn Local provider, is a great alternative.

You may be able to do the full qualification, enrol in a VCE subject not offered at your school, or do extra subjects if you've done VCE but want to improve your ATAR.

Studying at a TAFE or other training provider can offer more flexibility, and they're open to anyone at any age – from school students to adults who want to return to study.

Find a provider to finish Year 12

TAFE or training provider

The Victorian Skills Gateway lists TAFEs and training providers that offer VCE and VCAL.

These providers are registered training organisations (RTOs), which means they are registered with the government, meet quality standards, and deliver accredited training that leads to nationally recognised qualifications.

Learn Local provider

Finishing Year 12 at a registered Learn Local provider is also a great option.

Learn Local providers are more flexible and less formal than a school, and you'll find them in learning and community centres all over Victoria.

Around half of Victoria's Learn Local providers are registered training organisations (RTOs) that deliver accredited training for nationally recognised qualifications, including the VCE and VCAL.

A number of Learn Local providers are included when you search the Victorian Skills Gateway for TAFEs and training providers that offer VCE and VCAL, or you can visit Learn Local to find one near you.

Check your eligibility

Some RTOs have government-subsidised places to cover part of the tuition fees for VCE and VCAL.

Use the Eligibility Checker to find out if you are eligible for government-subsidised training, or contact the TAFE and Training Line.