Get skills for training or work
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Get skills for training or work

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  • Pre-accredited training gives you the skills and confidence you need to get a job or to do more training.
  • You also need foundation skills, such as reading and writing, to do study and training, and to get a job.
  • Pre-accredited training is delivered by registered Learn Local providers.

Pre-accredited training

Pre-accredited training focuses on giving you the skills and confidence you need to get a job or to do more training. It aims to improve your communication skills, your language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, and your ability to find a job or do further training.

Pre-accredited training is regulated under the Pre-accredited Quality Framework. This means the training must meet certain standards and provide quality learning experiences.

Pre-accredited training providers

Pre-accredited training and programs are delivered at independent, not-for-profit, community-based organisations known as Learn Local providers.

There are more than 270 registered Learn Local providers in Victoria. They are funded by the Victorian Government through the Adult, Community and Further Education Board to deliver quality-assured and government-subsidised pre-accredited training.

Learn Local providers offer a flexible and supportive environment that suits people who need extra help re-engaging with education, training and the workforce.

Foundation skills

To do accredited TAFE and training courses you need foundation skills. These include essential skills, such as reading and writing, and employability skills, such as being able to work with other people, use a computer and solve problems.

These skills make it possible for you to learn and to function in a workplace.

If you need to improve these skills, you can do a foundation skills course. The Victorian Skills Gateway lists foundation skills courses.

Get into accredited training

Pre-accredited training and foundation skills courses can also help you get into an accredited training course at a TAFE or other training provider. Around 30 per cent of Victoria's Learn Local providers are also registered training organisations (RTOs) and can deliver accredited training.

Find pre-accredited training

There are over 270 registered Learn Local providers located in community centres and Neighbourhood Houses all over Victoria.

To find a Learn Local provider near you, visit Learn Local.

See also Pre-accredited training programs on the Department of Education and Training website.