Get a shearing qualification
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Get a shearing qualification

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It's a great time to join Victoria's growing wool industry and get a qualification in shearing.

Key facts​

  • there is a shortage of skilled shearers in Victoria
  • shearers can earn between $75,000 and $110,000 a year, depending on skill level and number of sheep shorn
  • shearers need to be physically fit, work quickly and consistently with their hands, work confidently with sheep and as part of a team
  • completing a shearing course will help you learn the basics or improve your shearing skills

Victoria's wool industry

Australia produces around 25 per cent of wool sold on the world market. Victoria produces the second largest volume of wool in the country.*

To meet this global demand for Australian wool, more skilled shearers are required in Victoria.

Shearing season

In Victoria, sheep are shorn all though the year. You may need to travel to find work opportunities.


Pay for shearers varies depending on skill level and the number of sheep shorn.

  • Shearers with 12 months' experience may be able to shear up to 120 sheep a day and earn $75,000  a year.
  • Shearers with more than three years' experience may be able to shear between 160 and 200 sheep a day and earn between $100,000 and $110,000 a year.

Personal requirements

Regardless of skill level, shearers need to:

  • be able to work as part of a team
  • be able to work quickly and consistently with hands for long periods
  • have good hand-eye coordination
  • be willing to live in and travel between remote areas
  • be able to handle sheep with confidence
  • be able to cope with the physical demands of the job and interest in keeping fit

Shearing courses

If you want to learn the basics of shearing, start with an entry level course. You will learn in real working conditions in an operational shearing shed.

If you are looking to improve your shearing speed and quality, the Certificate III in Shearing would be a good option.

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* More information about the wool industry is available on the Department of Agriculture's website.