Fees and funding

​​​​​A guide to the costs and financial support options available for TAFE and training

  • ​​Remember to factor in a range of different costs when considering training
  • You may be eligible for a government-subsidised place
  • There are other types of government assistance
  • Your training provider may be able to help
  • There is funding available for apprentices


Before selecting the course you’d like to enrol in, it’s important to consider the cost.

The Victorian Skills Gateway provides indicative fees on all available courses. These figures are a guide only, for exact pricing you’ll need to get in touch with the training provider directly.

Training providers are able to set their own fees, so training costs will vary between courses and between providers.

In general, the costs of training include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Additional fees set by the training provider (e.g. student services, amenities fees, etc)
  • Books and materials costs

Before you enrol, you can ask the training provider for:

  • An itemised list of fees and when they’re due
  • Information about concessions or refunds, and evidence required to claim them

Government financial support

​​Assistance from the Victorian Government

Government-subsidised places are offered by training providers who have a contract with the Victorian Government to deliver government-subsidised training. You may also see this referred to as government funded training.

The government will contribute to the cost of training for eligible students. You can check your eligibility and find more information on our Government-subsidised training page.

VET Student Loans

​VET Student Loans is an Australian Government student loan scheme for the TAFE and Training sector.

VET Student Loans cover all or part of the tuition costs of a student loan, which is payable once you reach a certain income level.

They'​re available at registered training organisations approved by the Australian Government. For more information, visit Study Assist or call 1800 020 108.​

Centrelink assistance

Centrelink has a variety of financial assistance available for people undertaking further education and training. For more information, see the page for the Australian Government's Payments for students and trainees​

Assistance from training providers

Some training providers offer financial assistance for the payment of tuition fees, books and other costs associated with undertaking study. For more information, speak directly to your training provider.

Assistance for apprentices and trainees

As an apprentice or trainee you will be paid for your work, but there is also additional financial support available.

For more information, see the Australian Government's Australian Apprenticeships Financial Information web page.​

Trade apprentice registration discount

To find out if you're eligible for a discount on vehicle registration, and how to apply if you are, check out the VicRoads Trade apprentice registration discount page.